Birthday Month Campaign
Priyanka Vakil Washington, DC Help families fleeing war in the Syria region

Birthday Month Campaign

Dearest Family, Friends and loved ones, May 2017 is kind of a big deal - I'll be graduating from a top 10 MA program and of course, it's birthday month. This year, for my birthday I am running a fundraising campaign through the Norwegian Refugee Council - USA. As many of you already know, this is an organization I've not stopped talking about for the past five years. NRC does some incredible work in areas around the world where humanitarian assistance is desperately needed. Through my short time interning with NRC, I get to see first-hand what happens in important meetings and day-to-day non-glorious work and the driving factor for this organization is helping displaced persons all over the world. So for this year, I am asking you to contribute whatever you can to NRC to specifically help with their work in Syria. NRC is one of the few agencies still working in the country to deliver necessary humanitarian aid to displaced persons. Displacement is a challenging issue with many different dimensions that needs tackling, not only in direct assistance but also in raising awareness, advocating for policy changes and of course, in resolving a conflict that only seems to be exacerbating. I've spent the last five years working to figure out how I can do my part in helping resolve this issue or improve it to any degree and I've been taking the long-term approach - getting my MA in International Relations, working on the policy, grants/funding, advocacy part, and whenever possible, donating what I could to causes like this. It would mean the world to me, if you could give a little something to the cause through this page. NRC focuses on education, shelter and WASH in Syria. All of these things go hand in hand, and without one component, the others don't have a chance at succeeding. Although I have a soft spot for access to education and mental healthcare within displaced communities, I know that programming that works in concert with the different dimensions of displacement is more likely to be helpful in the long-run. So I hope you join me in celebrating this a-MAY-zing month by celebrating my graduation #MAinMay or my birthday or Mother's day or Memorial day or Mondays in May. Sending you all love, light and peace and thanking you, for the love, light and peace you'll be sending <3

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Birthday Month Campaign
Priyanka Vakil
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