In conflict affected countries, displaced children and youth experience many barriers that prevent them from accessing education or benefitting fully from education that is relevant to their needs. They also pay the mental price of living under the threat of violence.

For example, about a third of Afghan children—3.5 million—are currently out of school. 75 per cent of them are girls. Many of these children have experienced kidnapping threats, attacks on schools, written warnings from armed opposition groups discouraging school participation, and school closures due to conflict and the dangers of making the journey to class. These hindrances are all in addition to witnessing and surviving violence.

The Norwegian Refugee Council helps to remedy this by providing education and educational activities to these communities to ensure they have the chance to reach their full potential.

We focus on:

  • education in acute emergencies
  • alternative and accelerated education
  • youth education and training
  • creating safe and inclusive learning environments
  • closing the educational gender gap
  • providing services to students with disabilities
  • ensuring students have legal documents to access education during and after conflict

Your donation goes directly to supporting our students, teachers, and staff, who risk their lives every day to cultivate literacy, provide vocational training, and engender a sense of safety and personal value.

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